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The Waiting Room – Part Two


I have decided to call these posts The Waiting Room for a reason. When you have someone close to you that is a prodigal, and you’ve done everything you know to do, it feels like the waiting room of a hospital. You are completely powerless, emotionally wiped out, and simply waiting on the doctor – who has never been in a hurry a day in his life – to come…

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The Waiting Room – Part One


As you may know, my wife Lindsey just released her first book entitled The Way Home. I am so proud of her! It is an incredibly honest and insightful glimpse into the mind of a prodigal, and also what the journey home looks like. For those of you unaware of the story, here is a brief synopsis: in 2014 she filed for divorce and left me, her immediate family, and…

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A Special Letter to our Ramp Family and Friends


FROM CASEY & LINDSEY: Dear Ramp Family and Friends, For the last fifteen years, Lindsey and I have watched from a front row seat as God transformed a generation through the Ramp. It has and continues to be an overwhelming honor. Mrs. Karen and Mr. Rick are the two most godly, gracious, generous, and sacrificial leaders I’ve ever known, in addition to being the best parents and grandparents one could…

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Oh, how different things would be if you only knew then what you know now. Am I right? That seems to be a common sentiment typical of every aging generation. Everyone has their own unique set of regrets and wishful do-overs. Unfortunately, our growing older does not always translate into growing wiser. My sister-in-law, Lauren Bentley, posted a blog on her website ( that makes for a very intriguing read….

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Instagram is a Lie


A few weeks ago I ministered on the topic of destiny and disappointment to our congregation at Ramp Church. I’ve always been intrigued by destiny and the combination of factors that empower some to fulfill it and others to forfeit it. Destiny is a very moving subject. Nothing quickens the emotions so intensely and stirs people so greatly as when the profound rumblings of purpose start to churn fresh in…

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The Fire Will Meet Our Every Need


One of my most favorite worship songs of all time was penned many years ago by a man named William Booth. He is the same William Booth that founded the Salvation Army, and the song is Send the Fire. Over the last several weeks, I have sensed a deep stirring for a fresh fire in my own soul and have become acutely aware of the coldness that has crept into…

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My Top 5 Favorite Books on Preaching


One of my favorite classes to teach at the Ramp School of Ministry is our Preaching Lab for Second-Year Ministry and Leadership students. Over the years while leading the class, and having discussed preaching with pastors and leaders across the country, I am often asked for a list of my favorite resources on preaching. It is a tricky question because there is a degree of giftedness someone must have to…

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Peace and Pace


With Memorial Day now 48 hours past, it is always a wonderful time to celebrate and commemorate our veterans and their sacrificial service toward protecting our liberties. We are blessed with the greatest soldiers on the planet. To members of our armed forces reading this, I speak for us all when I humbly and deeply say, “Thank you and God bless you.” Another delightful quality about this holiday is when…

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Blessings, Curses, and Principles


It has been said before that you cannot break God’s principles and then plead God’s promises. I am not certain who originally coined the phrase, but I think it is spot on. It has been interesting to observe believers – including myself – attempt to wish our way into certain things while refusing to subject ourselves to the requirements of wisdom. Let’s be honest, Lady Wisdom has a way of…

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Electing Presidents and the Trump Train


Politics remains a polarizing subject in our religious culture. With the general election just a few months away, the presidential landscape is quite revealing of where we are as a church and a nation. I certainly think we should be involved in the process – politics is actually a passion of mine – but it becomes all too easy for us to take our eye off the ball. Our proclivity…